~happy 21st meag~
  1. I got my best friends back which makes me so happy
  2. It was my first time seeing them in six months and it was nothing short of a shitshow
  3. I crossed off "getting kicked out of a bar" off my bucket list
  4. Also "getting a drink thrown at you at a bar"
  5. Drunken words: hospital edition
    in the actual order they were said
  6. "It's her birthday and we're going to the hospital"
  7. "They can find out your insurance. I know from Greys"
  8. "Is there good food at the hospital?"
  9. "Do I look good though?"
    1am hospital concerns
  10. "Oh are we talking about food?"
  11. "I'm sorry guys but she's in a wheel chair"
    I think this is my favorite
  12. "We're just sitting here. Can we go get food?"
  13. "You know what's funny? Women's rights"
    the main issue of the night
  14. "Being at the hospital can be fun"
  15. "I always look prettier when I cry"
  16. "I would like pizza to be honest"
  17. *walks to pizzeria in 3 degree weather in the middle of Boston*
  18. *gets in ANOTHER fight with a random douche bc he asked us to buy him a mountain dew*
    and somehow that escaladed???? into a screaming fight in a pizzeria??????
  19. "It's ok it's just because he's short so he has a small dick"
    about the douche
  20. "You have small feet so you must have a small dick"
    @ the douche
  21. *uber picks us up at mass general hospital* "long night?"
  22. I'm still laughing