Allow Me to Listroduce Myself

What an annoying list title wow
  1. My name is Allie
  2. Currently I'm watching Under the Tuscan Sun
    Julia used to watch this constantly in college. Also Jane Eyre. I just saw her yesterday. She's at UVA doing amazing things, being the most amazing person. I could write list upon list about how fantastic she is.
  3. I work at a library
    I love my job more than anything. I also just got into grad school for my MLS
  4. I just recently had a break up
  5. I read a fair amount
    It's my hobby I guess. I got my hair highlighted over the weekend and the woman asked what I do for fun and I was like... I read? And then I lied and said I hiked or some shit
  6. I want to move
  7. I am funny but only if I've drank enough or if I know you well enough
  8. I can't stop listening to Angel Olsen
    I want to be her. Maybe I want to kiss her. I'm not sure.
  9. My friend told me about this app and it's kind of therapeutic because I know no one will really see this shit besides her
  10. Bye