1. Dad songs
  2. Stay at home dad songs
  3. Gals get revenge songs (usually violently)
  4. Dudes get revenge songs (usually by getting rich and famous)
  5. Young sweethearts who are now old sweethearts songs
  6. I may be getting old but I can still raise some hell songs
  7. Drinking on a beach songs
  8. God is here and he's doing stuff songs
  9. Heaven songs (hint: it's up there)
  10. Cancer songs (cross reference with heaven songs)
  11. Meeting a wise old stranger songs
  12. Rich/big-city woman gets lost and winds up in a small town where she is won over by all those small town charms and also falls in love with a sweet, simple man songs
  13. The modern world is moving so fast and I wish it would slow down songs
  14. Time flies so cherish the time you have songs
  15. Glory days (aka high school) songs (hint: don't forget to mention the friend who died and will never be forgotten)
  16. People in the country love to party and their parties are better than yours songs
  17. Country gals are sexier than city gals songs.
    Suggested by @Frederica