They're boy-band. They're classic. And they're creepy.
  1. “I Swear” (All-4-One) -- And I swear, by the moon and the stars in the sky // I’ll be there // I swear like a shadow that’s by your side // I’ll be there // For better or worse, till death do us part // I’ll love you with every beat of my heart // And I swear
    Answer: This guy. Bad habits. The freshman 15. A boomerang. Category: Things you try and try to get rid of it THAT JUST KEEP COMING BACK. Don’t believe me yet? Read those lines in a deep, menacing voice. “Like a shadow that’s by your side…. I’LL BE THERE.”
  2. As Long As You Love Me (Backstreet Boys) -- Don’t care what is written in your history // As long as you’re here with me // I don’t care who you are // Where you’re from // What you did // As long as you love me [repeat]
    Who you are, where you’re from, what you did – nah, no worries. So what if you believe you’re a reincarnated Richard III. From Mars. With a history of killing kittens. Hey, it’s all cool. As long as you love me, babe.
  3. I Want You Back (N Sync) -- You’re all I ever wanted // You’re all I ever needed, yeah // So tell me what to do now // When I want you back // I want you back (repeat ENDLESSLY)
  4. I Knew I Loved You (Savage Garden) -- I knew I loved you before I met you // I think I dreamed you into life // I knew I loved you before I met you // I have been waiting all my life
    Oh, hello. No, we’ve never met. But I know your dog’s name. And your mother’s best friend’s daughters address. And your high school GPA. Stalking? No, I prefer “intense observational research.” BYTHEWAYILOVEYOU.
  5. All My Life (K-C & Jojo) -- Girl you are // Close to me you’re like my mother // Close to me you’re like my father // Close to me you’re like my sister // Close to me you’re like my brother
    Mmk sorry, what? That’s not even friend zone right there. That’s FAMILY zone. Boundaries, K-C … boundaries.