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  1. A hug
  2. To punch yourself in the face
  3. For you to tell me my feelings are valid and that you give a shit about them
  4. A dog
  1. Got coffee
  2. Went on a date with a lovely lady
  3. Cleaned my room
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  1. Drunk texting
  2. Drunk Facebook messaging
  3. Drunk yelling at people in offensive costumes
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  1. Not being polite to men I do not know, especially in groups
    I'm in the gym to get sweaty, not make sexy eyes at you or encourage your unoriginal pickup lines. I'm not here for your entertainment.
  2. Being late because of things out of my control
    (But also sometimes it's really difficult to get out of bed)
  3. Being triggered
    Like wtf who do you think you are making me feel bad about legitimate trauma ooof
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I don't want this to be uppercase I'm sleepy
  1. Marbles rolling on a wood floor
  2. Stepping on crunchy leaves
  3. The first and last few popped popcorn kernels
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  1. The shower
  2. Cognitive psychology lecture
  3. Walking around campus
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