1. Not being polite to men I do not know, especially in groups
    I'm in the gym to get sweaty, not make sexy eyes at you or encourage your unoriginal pickup lines. I'm not here for your entertainment.
  2. Being late because of things out of my control
    (But also sometimes it's really difficult to get out of bed)
  3. Being triggered
    Like wtf who do you think you are making me feel bad about legitimate trauma ooof
  4. Criticizing professors and people in leadership roles for saying problematic shit
    Hint: there are more than two genders Hint: content warnings are important Hint: we live in a white supremacist society and "not seeing color" ignores the profound implications that race has in our society like fuck I'm screaming
  5. Not texting back immediately
  6. Honestly pretty much everything but I'm trying