I use lists to organize my scattered mind and also to procrastinate. Then I make lists of lists to organize my lists.
  1. To Do lists for work
  2. A broken down version of my to do list at work, set by categories
  3. Supplies and materials I need to order for work each week
  4. Chores and tasks for work
  5. Chores and tasks for home
  6. Recipes
  7. Recipes broken down by category
  8. Grocery lists
  9. Shopping lists for immediate use
  10. Amazon shopping lists
  11. Lists of things I need to buy and budget for
  12. Amazon buy later lists
  13. Amazon wish lists
  14. Think Geek wish lists
  15. Clothes stores wish lists
  16. List of appointments and upcoming events
  17. List of items I always use for cooking with the price at the grocery store
  18. Lists of things I need to do but probably won't
  19. Lists of playlists I need to make
  20. Budget lists
  21. List of each credit card and the balance
  22. List of every bill and the due date and how much it will be
  23. Lists of notes, docs, and sheets I have and need to make
  24. A list of lists
  25. Lists of what I want to buy people for birthdays and Christmas even though I'm always too broke by then to buy anything.
  26. List of ailments and questions for the doctor the next time I see him.
  27. Lists of anything that needs to be done for any given project at any given time.
  28. Lists of upcoming movies I want to see.
  29. Lists of movies I still need to see.
  30. Lists of places to see and things to do with visitors when they come stay with us.
  31. Lists of restaurants to take visitors
  32. Lists of things I want to do when we travel
  33. Lists of places I want to travel to in the order of most importance
  34. Lists of lists I still need to make