Joyful Things

Joy is always around the corner. Let's list up the joyful things.
  1. Brand new vinyls are now available at one of my favorite store. Oh look, that is you @john !
  2. Old pic of my favorite fictional gang
  3. Lovely illustration from "The Lion and The Bird"
  4. Raspberry Bavarian Cream
  5. Pancakes
  6. George Harrison's handwriting. Seriously, it's lovely.
  7. Desk lamp to make me sleep, also with some soft music on
  8. Listening to The Xx's "I Dare You" on repeat
  9. Feeling like Theodore from "Her" and feel content by the end of the day
  10. Adidas' Zissou shoes! This is a pleasure!
  11. Natural light over my cup of coffee
  12. A delicious coffee ice cream
  13. Most of my life's pleasure as you can see here are food, snacks, music and movies. Those are joyful things. Hope you're agree with me!