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I was born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. It's the world's largest archipelago, with diverse ethnics, culture and natural riches. I will focus this list on What Living in Jakarta Is Like. As those people say: write what you know first. Here we go
  1. TransJakarta
    This is one of the main transportations in Jakarta. It has numbers of corridors that could take you to the central part of Jakarta and to the far parts of this town.
  2. Metro Mini
    Smaller version of TransJakarta named Metro Mini could be seen anywhere here. This bus could take you to inner parts of Jakarta that you can't reach with TransJakarta
  3. Angkot (smaller version of Metro Mini)
    This car will take you the most inner (is that even a word?) parts of Jakarta that Metro Mini can't reach
  4. This is the common look of Jakarta's neighborhood
    People will park their cars inside the small garages of their houses (yes the car fits, but the parking process takes high skill in driving -which makes Jakartans are skilled drivers)
  5. TransJakarta & trains could be VERY PACKED -That's why there is an online motorcycle taxi drivers EVERYWHERE
    Pictured here is an ojek (motorcycle taxi driver) from Grab —an online based provider for motorcycle taxi drivers. They could take you to the destinations, even become your personal messengers, couriers, and bring you takeaway foods for your lunch break. This kind of provider really change the lifestyle of Jakartans -which make us less walking hehe
  6. Traffic jam
    You will always find it in every corner of the streets -the highway and the non-highway lanes. Even after Uber exists in Jakarta, the traffic jams are still going strong
  7. The highest building in Jakarta looks like a fountain pen
    The name of this building is Wisma BNI46. This becomes the headquarters of BNI46, a state-owned banking company in Indonesia.
  8. Third-wave coffee shops
    Starbucks are still crowded with people who need caffeine, but that doesn't stop Jakarta to have more third-wave coffee shops. The industry is very emerging and becomes the arm to help more local coffee plantations and roasters to be more acknowledged by the Jakarta residents.
  9. Hawker food stalls are easy to be found
    Even if you live in small alleys, you will find hawker food stalls everywhere. Mostly they use carts and stroll around the neighborhood, but some have their own regular spots. Hawker food centers are also easy to be found now in Jakarta.
  10. Padang Food Diners Are The Comfort Food Spot
    I will let you know more about food that identifies Jakarta. But now, let me introduce you Padangnese cuisine. This is our comfort food: all kinds of chicken, beef, veggies and snacks from Padang, West Sumatra —at the western part of Indonesia. The most common and well known Padangnese food is Rendang (beef chunks slowly cooked with coconut milk), which has been noted by CNN as one of the most delicious meal in the world. This is the best food to eat when you are sad and hungry in Jakarta
  11. Next comfort food: Choco Cheese Toast
    There are hawker food stalls that only serve various kinds of toast. Mostly it becomes comfort food of the night, and the all time favorite flavor is choco cheese toast. Yes, we put cheese with chocolate upon this toast. We believe that cheese is not only for main course, but also for snacks and desserts as well.
  12. Indomie: our next comfort food
    When the night comes, or maybe when you're sad and hungry, and the rain pours: it means Indomie time. It's an instant noodle with various flavors. Pictures in here is the Chicken Curry Flavor -my favorite. It has big amount of MSG —which makes it even more delicious.
  13. Indomie Food Stalls Are Everywhere
    Along with choco cheese toast as one of the menu, the food stalls also cook Indomie at night for customers. Now, there are more Indomie food stalls everywhere. Some stalls try to be distinct, for example, Warung Indomie Abang Adek. This stall serves the spiciest Indomie bowls. A portion of Indomie could be served with 50-100 chilis. The taste: it's super spicy it becomes bitter at the end. 😂
  14. Some kids mostly kiss the hands of their parents when they're about to go somewhere. If they don't kiss, they mostly put their parents' hands with their forehead
    And it doesn't only applied for parents. Some people, When the younger ones meet people who are much older than them, and in a friendly occasion (family gathering, meet your friend's parents) also do this kind of thing. This is also applied to some families, the wives to do this to their husbands.
  15. Market now emerges not just for the older ones, but as a creative hub as well
    This market, Pasar Santa, has a floor where some young people open their own stalls, coffee shops, or even bookstores.
  16. Mobile veggie stores
    They use carts to sell all kinds of veggies, fruits and spices, stroll around the neighborhood to meet with all the housewives or the house assistants.
  17. Rent A Room: common accommodation in Jakarta
    For people who come to Jakarta for work or college, if they don't have any relatives that they could stay with, they mostly rent a small room in a big house with several small rooms (in Bahasa we call it "Kamar Kos"). Apartments are expensive accommodation, so rent a room becomes an affordable alternative.
  18. Malls Everywhere
    Malls are the entertainment and lifestyle hub for people in Jakarta. They work here, eat here and go to watch movies here. That's why it's always crowded on weekend.
  19. Indonesian people are very friendly
    They really love to smile and have a great sense of hospitality. Just smile to them and they will smile at you back.
  20. Dutch colonized country, and Jakarta becomes the headquarters at that time
    Dutch-infused architecture are easy to be found from buildings and several houses in Jakarta. Indonesia has been colonized by Netherlands for a long time. Some of our phrases and buildings are still heavily infused by the Dutch.
  21. Food that identifies Jakarta: Kerak Telor
    Made with glutinous rice and egg, cooked with dried shrimp etc on top of it.