what's in a name?
  1. Beyoncé
    in a talk with janet mock, bell hooks definitively said that she sees bey as a "terrorist especially in terms of the impact [of her image] on young girls," because an academic will sometimes resort to sensationalism to get you to remember that they are still material to the conversation
  2. Nelson Mandela
    upon his death, that the reagan administration's aggressive surveillance of some apparent link between russia and the ANC landed mandela on the U.S. terrorism watch list until 2008 was a fun fact brought up at dinner parties
  3. Joan of Arc
    a terrorist on earth is likely a saint in heaven. theologians, an exciteable and prophetic people, of which I am an EXTREMELY amateur member, like to study the so-called qualifications for religious insurgency crafted by the U.S. gov't post 9/11 and find that the maid of orleans may have made the cut centuries ago.
  4. Assata Shakur
    the value placed on an accused body must adjust to match inflation. harriet tubman's head was appraised at$12,000. last year the U.S. government upped the bounty on Assata's head to $2 million.