Thanks @ChrisK!!
  1. So when I got the email that @nathanveshecco was my Valentine recipient, I had many thoughts, mostly based in fear
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  2. you're so popular I saw lots of your lists as relists and trending that I thought I was already following you!
  3. Then I felt like oh shit, it's like I'm back in high school when I had to give a speech at graduation in front of all the popular kids (spoiler: I was not a popular kid)
  4. I'm a bad lister and you're one of the best!
  5. So then I went and read all your lists and of course liking them all would've been a little creepy!
  6. And then I saw your amazing list this morning for your Valentine and I've had anxiety all day because you're clearly awesome and deserve a great list!
  7. But then I thought, no, @list is a friendly safe space AND you are a huge contributor to that and I know no one will judge me for being lame and trying my best!
  8. So, this is for you, @nathanveshecco!! Sorry in advance that it's lame!
  9. 💜💗💌💝🍫
  10. It seems you like 🍕 and it's my fave too so I'm virtually sending you the best pizza I've ever eaten from Naples, Italy!
  11. I saw that I couldn't buy your music! But I found your list with your soundcloud playlist and I'm listening to your songs as I'm writing this list and your music is just so lovely and relaxing and thank you for sharing it with the world! So I hope you find some inspiration and create something beautiful!
  12. I was going to make you a playlist, but tbh I'm no music expert and I didn't want to fuck up so instead I wish for you that you listen to all the songs you love that make you happy!
  13. Then I'm gonna give you a hug because it seems you're missing your dad and I totally get it because I lost mine in 2014 too
  14. Since chocolate is also my fave and today is, like, the day of chocolate or something, I feel it wouldn't be complete without sending you some!
  15. And since you said you like donuts, extra chocolate for you!
  16. Giphy
  17. Giphy
  18. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! 😍😘💕💖💘💗💜💚❤💋💛💙💌💝