from the 📂... Oddly, so many people have asked me about this lately? And I haven't listed in a while bc I suck?
  1. I travel as much as I can. Which isn't much because I only get 10 vacation days a year 👎
  2. This totally won't work for everyone. But I was in my late 20s, making not much money while living in an expensive city on my own, and it worked for me. So why not share?
  3. Right after I finished law school and took the Bar exam in 2007, I went to Europe for 45 days. It completely changed my life.
    I'm very lucky and grateful... This was my parents' graduation present
  4. The problem is, I came home completely obsessed with travel but I was unemployed.
  5. A few months later I got a ~4-month temp job that paid ok. Then I was unemployed again for a few months and ultimately took a job in Oct. 2008 that paid pretty badly.
  6. I had this new really expensive passion. How was I going to get back to Europe?
  7. So I opened a separate savings account and put a little seed money in there, very little. Every monetary present my parents gave me for my birthday, Chanukah, etc. I put straight into there to the extent I could afford to.
  8. But the biggest thing I did was this:
  9. Every time I wanted to spend money on an "extra" (that Starbucks coffee or the take-out dinner or the pretty item of clothing I knew I didn't need), I thought to myself: do I really want this, or would I much rather the equivalent thing in Europe?
  10. 90%+ of the time, the answer was that thing in Europe.
  11. Once in a while I allowed a splurge because you have to!
  12. But it worked! After a year at a pretty low paying job, I went to Italy for almost 3 weeks!
  13. And again a year and a half later! For three whole weeks that time! And Spain the year after that! And back to Italy the year after that!
  14. If you really want to travel but feel you can't afford to, take a good look at your spending and see what you can reasonably cut back to save
    Like I said, i know this won't work for everyone. I know some people are truly paycheck to paycheck and don't have a spare dollar and I feel you and give you many virtual hugs
  15. It's really satisfying to see that travel account grow to the point of being able to plan a pretty nice trip!
  16. And I can't think of a time where I thought to myself, oh I wish I spent money on this extra thing at home instead!
  17. And as someone said to me once, you'll remember your travel experiences forever, but probably not anything you bought instead of saving for travel.
  18. ✈🚅🚇🚎🚠🚍