I've been here since 2004 but only recently made a concerted effort to do things considered " LA" - here are the things I've done so far. Inspired by my finally going to the Hollywood bowl.
  1. See my favorite celebrity in person
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    @mindy obvs. Actually twice because like almost ten years ago I walked by her at the LA farmers market when she was just that cool funny girl on the office who was also from Boston
  2. Got a picture taken with a celebrity
    Chris messina obvs
  3. Had a random A-list celebrity encounter
    Cameron Diaz at whole foods, she was lovely!
  4. Did the Warner bros. Studio tour
  5. Saw a tv show taping
    Jimmy Kimmel
  6. Went to the Hollywood bowl
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    Florence and the machine
  7. Eat at a trendy restaurant
    Mozza, terroni, Jones, black market, barrel & ashes