Inspired by @ListPrompts. What an interesting and thought provoking prompt!
  1. several plane tickets for trips to Europe
    Every trip I've taken has changed my life or outlook in some truly profound way. I hope everyone can get the opportunity to travel at some point. Also see THE BEST THINGS ABOUT TRAVELING ALONE
  2. A mindfulness meditation course
    I'm not great about keeping up a daily practice but I love the little informal techniques it taught me to be a more mindful, less anxious person
  3. A gym membership
    I never worked out in my life before I joined a gym in March. Now I go every day before work and I've never been healthier.
  4. A condo
    It really does feel different when you buy your own place. Whoa adulthood and responsibility!
  5. YNAB the budget app
    This app seriously helped me get my finances in check, start saving for the future and also short term splurges, such as....
  6. The first designer piece of clothing I've ever owned
    Frivolous perhaps, but the first time I put on this dress was one of the first times I've ever felt pretty. So, worth it.