I have a real problem
  1. These nail polishes
    I have a nail polish problem too, that's an issue for another list.
  2. This can opener
  3. This pizza cutter
  4. This collapsible colander
  5. This set of measuring spoons
    And the matching measuring cups, obviously
  6. These papier mache masks from Venice
    Yeah, I painted my corner display unit purple... What of it? 😝
  7. This gym bag
  8. This dining room stuff
  9. These boots
  10. These sofa pillows
  11. These coasters
  12. These glasses
  13. These dishes
  14. These dessert bowls
  15. This kitchen aid mixer
  16. This travel cup
  17. These towels
  18. These glasses
    And the sheets they're on
  19. These purses
    And the bedspread
  20. These curtains
  21. This wallet
  22. This key hanger
  23. This decorative light from Ikea
    I've literally never turned it on.
  24. And let's not even mention the fact that I have so many purple clothes my dryer lint is always purple too
  25. I need help
  26. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜