Apparently I've been eating a lot of fancy ice cream lately all over California. It has all been freaking delicious. Locations included so you can go have some too!
  1. Gianduja with hazelnut crunch for me, and rosemary, sage, and butterscotch with pumpkin crystals for my friend.
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  2. Chocolate soft serve from the cvt truck
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  3. Churro ice cream sandwich. Enough said.
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  4. Salted nutella sugar cookies with salted caramel ice cream
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  5. Double chocolate cookies with cinnamon ice cream at Batch, San Luis Obispo
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  6. Coffee and salted caramel
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    Yeah I know it's blurry but delicious ice cream transcends
  7. Salted peanut butter and dark chocolate
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  8. Salted caramel and coffee with chocolate chips and almonds.
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  9. Tcho chocolate, burnt caramel, and coffee gelato
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  10. Sea salt with caramel ribbons and gooey chocolate brownie from the truck outside where the Studio City Salt & Straw will be opening
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  11. Kinder bueno and abuelita malted crunch!
  12. McConnell's in studio city FINALLY opened! Black coffee chip and salted caramel chip.
    I can walk to this place in less than five minutes. My diet and money are both gone.
  13. Black coffee chip and dark chocolate nibs and chips.
  14. Moka gelato dipped in dark chocolate
    Stickhouse, Santa Monica