I probably shouldn't post this on the internet, but this is a safe place, right? And I mostly just need to get this off my chest. So let's just say I'm speaking ~hypothetically~
  1. I'm a lawyer (for now) and I help insurance companies investigate suspicious insurance claims
    Burglaries, car thefts and vandalisms, accidents, you get the picture
  2. I hate it with an intense passion, but that's a topic for another list (which is actually sitting in my drafts, but I digress)
  3. Part of that is taking people's sworn testimony (like a deposition) that's required by the insurance policy to try to find out if they're lying
  4. So today I had to depose a husband and wife about a claim
  5. As part of it, we always ask about their financial situation
    To like, rule out if they have a financial reason to defraud their insurance company
  6. I met with the wife first. She's been married over 25 years and has two adult daughters.
  7. She works in a hospital as a financial counselor
    She helps patients with insurance verification, copays, etc.
  8. But she doesn't know anything about her home's finances
  9. She doesn't know their rent amount
  10. Or how much their bills are
  11. Or if they have any financial problems
  12. Or if they even have rental insurance for their home
  13. She knows literally nothing about what's going on at home
  14. She couldn't even answer with confidence if her husband had ever been in a car accident
  15. Remember, this woman's job is literally to work with money at a hospital
  16. So it was probably inappropriate but on a break I asked her about it
  17. I was literally like, how in fucking God's name do you not know wtf is going on in your home with the money you work hard to being home?
    With less profanity
  18. She just sort of shrugged and smiled
  19. And said that's just how it is in her culture
  20. And I asked if she was ok with that?
  21. And her response was literally "well, I love him, what am I supposed to do?"
  22. And then I met with her husband, who was actually much friendlier then the above would suggest
  23. And I told him I had to ask him all the financial questions because his wife said she didn't know anything
  24. And he just laughed and was like, yeah that's true, ha ha!
  26. 😡😡😡😡😡😡
  27. Ok I'm done.