1. After using this app for a bit, but not even that much, I have quickly realized most of my lists are kinda negative and complainy and the ones in my saved drafts are too
  2. That makes me sad...
  3. Am I like that in real life?
  4. I didn't think so....
  5. I really hope not.... I've spent a lot of time and energy, and money on therapy, to be a happier person!
  6. Just in case, I'm going to try to make my lists more positive to see if that can rub off on the rest of my life
  7. Maybe if I can focus my energy on cool good lists, more cool good things will happen to me
  8. How great that an app like this can help you realize something about yourself in addition to exploring all the cool people and lists out there!
  9. Thanks @list, @bjnovak and co.!