Yikes, I realized I haven't been here in a while. Stupid life getting in the way. But I'm going on vacation soon! And I've been thinking about these things
  1. You check work email
  2. You check work voicemail
  3. You talk to anyone from work
    Unless they're also your friend and they're on vacation with you.
  4. You look at anything related to work
  5. You think about work
    Unless it's to send your office a postcard or buy some candy or cookies or something to bring into the office when you get back, because you're kind and generous like that
  6. You're away less than a full week
    Preferably at least two
  7. You worry about what you eat
    Unless the worrying is just to make sure you're having the muse delicious food possible!
  8. You worry about anything else besides hoping for nice weather and having amazing meals and seeing amazing sights and having an amazing time