Five reasons why I love my office.

I've occupier this little office on the 1st floor of the LC since May 2003. Here are. Some reasons why it is my home away from home.
  1. Room for a kitchen
    There's not a lot of space, but enough for a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. What else do you need?
  2. Secret doorway
    This connects my office to my assistant's. But because of the bookshelf, most people walking by never realize that it's there.
  3. Frequent visitors
    Since I'm across from the main library office and the elevator, people are always dropping in to chat.
  4. A window.
    Yes, it's narrow and dirty, but at least I can tell what the weather is like. And sometimes even see something interesting!
  5. Big desk.
    It's a bit beat-up, but there's room for lots of colorful office supplies. I love office supplies! If I had to choose between going to Staples or going to Dillard's, Staples would win every time.