Things I've learned about Medical City in Dallas

My daughter has been in this hospital for a week and a half now. So I've noticed some things I want to share before she comes home.
  1. Disambiguation
    You can tell North from South towers because North Tower has a ginormous fake tree.
  2. Special Olympics
    This is what wheelchairs and walkers have to negotiate to get out of the parking lot. Is this ADA compliant?
  3. Natural Selection
    Some fountains work; some don't.
  4. Retail Therapy
    Do women really buy their purses at a hospital?
  5. Unnecessary Complexity
    One remote to rule them all: a button for the nurse, a button for the lights, and a button for the TV. One TV button to turn the set on, rotate through 30+ channels, and turn it off. It's easier to just not watch TV at all.
  6. Mystical Powers
    Why so many outlets? There were eight electrical outlets on each side of this column, which stands alone in the atrium of South Tower. What gets plugged in here?