Debby is nominated for best actress and her show Jessie was also nominated. This is why you should vote for both of these.
  1. She's perfect
    She is amazing, incredible, beautiful, generous, intelligent, talented, etc. What can't she do?
  2. She hasn't won one since 2012
    That is way too long ago
  3. Just cuz
    I love her so much and it would make her really happy if she wins, I know I would be extremely happy if she does.
  4. She deserves it
    In my opinion the most, she is such a hard worker.
  5. This might be the last year
    Unfortunately, this may be the last year she will be nominated, so if she doesn't win anything this year she may never win a KCA ever again in her life.
  6. Why not?
    I don't see why you shouldn't. If you want someone else to win I understand, but if you have no preference then vote for Debby.
  7. Did I mention she's perfect?
    She really is and I think she deserves it the most. Love ya debs, good luck and I hope you win💕