Taking advantage of one of the List App prompts.
  1. The Comeback
    Hands down one of the greatest characters of all time. I think of this show every day, to the point where I'm pretty sure Valerie Cherish is the voice of my ego at its most inflated and fragile. It's so good that I wouldn't mind having just two seasons with me on this hopefully-cannibal-free island.
  2. Mad Men
    The other show I think of every day. I don't understand people who find Mad Men cold or dull. I think it's the best show ever made, and also one of the most moving. I even like the moments where it's maybe a little un-subtle or on-the-nose, because it reminds you that this perfect-seeming show is made by people who overreach from time to time, and that makes such a piece of writing feel possible, versus untouchable.
  3. The Wire
    I've been meaning to watch it again anyway.