Things I won't miss now that I telecommute

FINALLY after 23 years of working at the same place I got the corner office. FINALLY after 30 years I was given permission to work from home full time. These are the things I won't miss...
  1. Traffic on the way to work
  2. Paying for parking
  3. Paying for city tax
  4. Lugging my laptop and briefcase to and from every day.
  5. Sharing the same restroom with 20 other women.
    Especially those the sneak up from other floors so that they don't get caught texting or talking on their phones. Hard to pee when you have an audience.
  6. Sharing that same restroom with 20 women who don't know the meaning of courtesy flush (covers sound and smell people)
  7. Dealing with overflowing toilets when one of those 20 women decides to flush paper towels down the toilet.
    Lost a good pair of shoes to overflowing brown water.
  8. Trying to find a place to pee when part of the building water is shut off
    Had an extremely close call
  9. Accidentally shitting my pants and having to drive home.
    This was particularly fun when I used to take the light rail.
  10. Forced to freeze in the winter because the guy sharing the thermostat is his own personal heater.
    I tried the space heater option but blew out the power for half the floor. Then was told that space heaters weren't allowed.
  11. Forced to freeze in the summer because of the same guy.
  12. Moldy drip tray on fridge in break room.
  13. Late nights - Having to turn on the lights every hour because of the auto shut off.
    Although I do appreciate this feature for its energy saving benefits.
  14. Some of the people on the floor.
    The ones that don't have time for you unless they need something.
  15. Street noise.
    Still have it at home but constant sirens and honks have been replaced by periodic lawnmowers and garbage trucks.
  16. Hazards that come with working in a high rise building
    Stuck elevators, evacuations safety drills for fire, not having a safety plan for tornadoes (found out the hard way), creaky building in high winds.
  17. Traffic on the way home.