does acknowledging you have them make them less irrational?
  1. heights
    anything higher than about 8 stories high, with no barrier between me and the world. the higher I go, the more I need the barrier. I get vertigo, racing heart, cold sweats when I'm at extraordinary heights (skyscrapers, cliffs, mountains). sometimes I think the real fear is jumping.
  2. escalators
    the movement of the steps, combined with the feeling of standing still, makes me ill. includes moving walkways
  3. elevators
    too small and often too crowded. and, see above - they move. the fear of being trapped in a broken elevator is also tops in this list.
  4. crowds
    especially inside. I start feeling panic attacks when I become part of a crowd that moves in its own - concerts, long lines waiting for something, anything where there exists a high potential for group panic