today's lunch has to be quick and use only things at hand because of a conference call at 2:00 which I forgot about. behold, the garbage salad.
  1. iceberg lettuce
    leftover from the wedge salads we made the other night and the only greens in the house.
  2. two slices of provolone cheese, chopped up
    dairy = calcium
  3. celery
    because I found it under the iceberg lettuce.
  4. whole grain baked goldfish
    because I'm not allowed to buy the regular kind until I eat this whole "mistake" 30oz container. I put these things on almost every meal
  5. sunflower seeds
    the only nut no one else in this place won't eat.
  6. Russian dressing
    otherwise known as mayonnaise and ketchup. if you add chopped up pickles it's called thousand island. at least where I grew up
  7. 🍽