This list is brought to you by nostalgia. Also: let's not get into grades, okay?
  1. Sophomore year, summer
    Probably the first time I really got settled in school. I effectively cut ties with my block by taking Gen Psych with the gen pop. (But I was groupmates with a cute guy, so.) I always associate this summer with afternoon card games at caf up and strawberry-mango smoothies.
  2. Junior year, summer
    I lined up way too early for reg for what were probably not very in-demand classes. I started my lit minor in earnest, had my first Pulan class which scared the shit out of me (it was a mix of undergrad and grad students) but turned out to be chill. History/Anti-Tarsier Indoctrination with Manaois (and @shii and @parafollicular)! Slept through most of Pol Sci.
  3. Sophomore year, 2nd sem
    I got to be classmates with @aletheia! And do PE with Micole! I also loved Dev Psy (some of our best, most serious undergrad work for sure, @parafollicular), even if it got my phone stolen! And the chem class was still bearable! The one shit class I had was Asian History where we were the psych minority in a comm majority. When it came time to do group presentations, we never had a chance (ours was truly atrocious).
  4. Senior year, 1st sem
    This was when I put my slave/sloth schedule dichotomy into full effect. I had physics early mornings on MWF then went home. Everything else was on TTh. It mostly worked out (and I have the most vivid memory of this semester apparently), except on a particular hell day when 3/5 of my classes had tests (I got to humblebrag to some SOM chick about it; she had 2 tests that day).
  5. Senior year, 2nd sem
    I had one of the last random numbers for this reg (thanks, A_S_S). Ended up in the least-liked theo prof's class but she was fine. Turns out it was my philo prof who would go nuts and throw a couple of chairs in class, holy fuck! Took Positive Psych a.k.a. Gay Science, and my second Max Pulan class (he has great selections). Missed a couple of big days due to food poisoning before the holidays. Saw Broken Social Scene play weeks before grad--not relevant but I'm waxing nostalgic here.
  6. Sophomore year, 1st sem
    I think @parafollicular and I were in almost every class together this sem. ¿¿¿Dónde está la biblioteca??? I now wish I took French instead. Had "Fitness Walking" for PE (aka Running But Probably Not As Hardcore As The Actual Running Class) which was pretty great actually. Took theo in advance this sem so I can avoid my block (can you blame me tho?).
  7. Junior year, 1st sem
    My Slave/Sloth Schedule™ was first put to test this sem, except I had less classes as a whole so my TTh weren't as sadistic (masochistic? I DID THIS TO MYSELF). Philosophy was my MWF plus a psych class on Monday evenings. And we also had that fun but kind of tedious (i.e. stat-heavy) Experimental Psych project. RIP Tejido.
  8. Senior year, summer
    Interned at a bank. Quickly got the idea of working in HR out of my system but didn't know yet what to do after college. (In a few months, I will be making the greatest mistake of my life: applying to med schools.)
  9. Freshman year
    These semesters have melted into one. Wasn't into my block, but loved my English block and prof. A wall fan fell on my math prof during a test (she was fine) (the test was not). Really didn't care for the biology classes (and yet, I went to med school?). Was forced to watch the theater troupe's horrible adaptation of Brecht's Threepenny Opera (yes, I'm still hating on it). Joined The Guidon and LFC for what would be four-year runs (they were the best!).
  10. Junior year, 2nd sem
    Organic chem, holy shit. NSV, resurrections, etc etc. I don't remember much about this sem other than that. We had stats classes and Social Psych. My Phil history prof looked like GMA. I remember being so tired and sleepy all the time. That's it.