Hashtag adulthood
  1. Sunscreen
    I hate putting cream or lotion on my skin so I never bothered--and I'm deeply regretting it these days. But even now, I only use sunscreen when it's sunny so I would not be surprised if one of my arm or face freckles turned out to be skin cancer. My body will betray me one way or another, and I will totally deserve it.
  2. Calcium
    I rarely drank milk growing up (my parents gave up trying to wean me off of coffee) and I only take it with cereal (sometimes chai). I wouldn't care otherwise but we have a family history of osteoporosis and my posture is already terrible as it is. So I take calcium supplements now when I remember to, like a postmenopausal tita.
  3. Tea
    Despite being a lifelong coffee drinker, I picked up a tea habit thanks to my brother. We're both grandmas who drink tea at night now. I think I just really crave hot liquid sliding down my esophagus (I also deserve esophageal cancer) so I love coffee and tea almost equally. I particularly love ginger tea; my stance on milk tea should be obvious.
  4. Exercise
    I tend to walk a lot when I'm not at home but for the first time in my life, I'm actually setting aside time to work out. Running isn't really feasible in my area so yoga is my workout of choice these days. And I'm enjoying it so far? Turns out endorphins are real?? I probably wouldn't be able to keep it up when I start working though.
  5. Green leafy vegetables
    LOL JK I still try to avoid them. But I do eat salads occasionally now, as long as there's variety in ingredients and textures. And I tried broccoli once and it was surprisingly good. I'm also a fan of cilantro--that counts right?