1. Stacey
    As much as I prefer an odd number of letters, Stacy just doesn't look right to me for some reason. This is the correct way of spelling it, trust me.
  2. Stacy
    This is the standard according to Wiki. And Fountains of Wayne.
  3. Stacie
    I'm shocked at myself for ranking it this high tbh. Does this count as self-esteem?
  4. Staci
    The names-ending-in-I rule trumps my five-letter rule here.
  5. Stacee
    As tacky as Staci and also associated with Rock of Ages, so no.
  6. Staecy
    This is a thing apparently, according to Wiki.
  7. Ystacy/Ystacey
    I feel sorry for this girl but it also makes me automatically hate her for even being a part of society. And her parents for being superfluous assholes.