Lessons from being 90% vegan for 7 days

What happened as I have been going down the vegan rabbit hole.
  1. It's a lifestyle, not a diet.
    I wasn't really prepared for how this changes every aspect of my life. Everything is just a tad harder, so my life has to be changed to account for that.
  2. Going out to eat is a pain.
    I have to think ahead and contact the restaurant to check to see if they can even accommodate a vegan. It's easier just to stay at home.
  3. I have to learn to cook.
    I suck at cooking. Like a lot. So I'm in the midst of combing websites to find easy, fast recipes. Someday, maybe I'll enjoy this, but not so much right now.
  4. Cheat days aren't so exciting.
    I thought I'd be all about my cheat days for clients but my first cheat day was the opposite of that. I felt anxious about what it would taste like (good enough) and how my body would react (nothing out of the ordinary). I have a feeling my anxiety issues will push me over to full vegan sooner rather than later.
  5. Yelling, "MUCUS," in my head works.
    When I'm tempted by dairy, I just keep saying, "Mucus," over and over again in my head. It works and I'm weird.
  6. My mouth feels really good.
    Yes, this is another weird one. There was definitely a dairy coating in my mouth, but it's now gone. My mouth feels better sans coating.
  7. Air feels better.
    I've been working out too so the fact that air feels better in my lungs could be because of that. Whatever. Just give me more of that tasty air.
  8. I didn't prepare enough.
    I chose a date. I read all that I could. I listened to as many podcasts as possible. It wasn't enough. I still dived right in without fully looking. I'm not as efficient at this as I would like, but it's a process instead of perfection.
  9. Hippie dippy is my new bag.
    I've always been more hardcore and less dance naked in the moonlight. Since I'm really discovering the lifestyle portion of veganism, I wouldn't be shocked if I end up dancing naked any day now. That is how much I don't know who I am right now.