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Got these goodies today from "Kristin" my secret Santa!! Not sure where you are on the List App but THANK YOU:) I slept 3 hrs last night to get our 2nd website launched and had a stressful day and this gift came just in time to brighten up my day!! @ChrisK thank you again for being inspired to do such an awesome project!!
  1. My daughter was just as excited as I was to open it!
  2. Such a sweet card!! Pay it forward:)
  3. I NEEDED NOTEBOOKS!!! Thank you!!
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  1. Vince Vaughn
    My husband hates him for this reason. I'll watch anything he is in. Tall, confident and funny is how I roll! Sounds like my husband too though ;) ;) right honey? Don't know why im saying that... He doesn't do the list app and will never see this.
  2. Bruce Willis
    I mean he had me at Die Hard. Yippee Ki Yea...My favorite movie of all time.
  3. Jason Stathem
    If Handsome Rob makes his appearance than I'll be there!! I never get sick of The Italian Job!!
  4. I know there's more... But I gotta get this out of my drafts folder...
  1. D. Do you want to go to the zoo?
    Nope- the answer is nope. I don't want to go to the zoo.
  2. E. Everything tastes good when it touches
    I've gotten way better but I like things compartmentalized - it's just better for everyone.
  3. E. Ever wonder how a nuclear power plant operates?
    Growing up my dad was in nuclear engineering and every night at dinner I didn't understand anything he said... Totally over my head. Want to read about nuclear regulations from 1985? He's got that and so many others still in his library.
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These are the Roundy's Favorites but feel free to add with yours!
  1. Shawn's: When Chuck Norris falls in the ocean- Chuck Norris doesn't get wet, the Ocean gets Chuck Norrised.
  2. Brock's: Chuck Norris doesn't call the wrong number. You pick up the wrong phone.
  3. Mya's: Their used to be a street named after Chuck Norris but it was changed because no one crosses Chuck Norris and lives.
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Most people might find these things cute or non-issues. Me? It drives me crazy. But I love my kids so the cat sticks around. And I swear I'm a really nice person so don't judge my character on my lack of feline friendliness. I so hope I'm not the only one.
  1. He drinks shower water.
    It's like he's a water ninja- he hears me twist the faucet off... Really?? He's there before I even have a towel on. That's just gross - It's warm and soapy and now I feel dirty again. Ugh:(
  2. He drinks dishwasher water.
    I felt like those dishes were clean and now you drinking that water inches away I need to rewash this whole load again. And how did you hear the dishwasher lid open from upstairs?
  3. He goes to the bathroom as soon as I clean the litter box.
    I just want to feel like my litter box maintenance can be rewarded with at least 1 full hr of turdless litter!!
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We have a big Halloween Pizza Trick or Treat party every year and after reading @bobbyhundreds post I was inspired to create a store this year! Kids will spin to win $$ to buy treats! Here's what's on the menu! Our friends coming will be adding to this list tonight! Thank you Costco and disregard the already opened packages...
  1. OREOS!
  2. Candy bars!
  3. Fruit snacks!
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  1. A picture of a guy on Zane's computer game. He was labeled as the "difficult customer" worth more points- hmmm I'm thinking type casted?
  2. My sons 1st homecoming dance. He didn't ask his date till the night of during pictures. Yes- he's the planner in the family;)
  3. Pic of inspiration for photo shoots... But I can't help but only see that "ball" it looks like???
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