Got these goodies today from "Kristin" my secret Santa!! Not sure where you are on the List App but THANK YOU:) I slept 3 hrs last night to get our 2nd website launched and had a stressful day and this gift came just in time to brighten up my day!! @ChrisK thank you again for being inspired to do such an awesome project!!
  1. My daughter was just as excited as I was to open it!
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  2. Such a sweet card!! Pay it forward:)
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  3. I NEEDED NOTEBOOKS!!! Thank you!!
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  4. And I actually need to make my brother some ornaments!! This is perfect!!
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  5. Love the personal touch:) HANDMADE ornament!! ❤️
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  6. This pic is bad but 4 really beautiful wooden ornaments!
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  7. What s fun game!!! The kids will love this and I'll love eating the candy:)
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  8. Mya was with me every step of the way in opening my gift!! THANK YOU again for doing such an amazing job!!
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