It's at once the best and worst thing that's ever happened to you.
  1. I'm going to finally discover who I really am on this trip.
    It's totally going to happen this week. Let me sit on this park bench on my iPhone while I wait til that happens.
  2. Did the guy sitting in my row on the plane just hear me fart?
    He didn't. He couldn't have. All senses are dulled whilst hurling through the air at 40,000 feat, right? Right.
  3. He totally did.
    Oh well, only six more hours to go.
  4. Jet Lag? No problem.
    And then I ended up taking three naps today.
  5. I'm going to buy this quirky hand-made top.
    People will ask me where I got it, and then I can casually explain that I got it when I was doing some solo soul-searching in Berlin.
  6. This restaurant looks so cool, maybe it's a not-yet-discovered hidden gem.
    It sucked and gave me food poisoning.
  7. I totally look like a local right now.
    LOL, sorry, you do not.
  8. It'll be easy to go out and make some new cool foreign friends.
    Except I ended up binge watching The Mindy Project at my AirBnB
  9. That dude is totally harmless and just wants to help me with my Spanish.
    And now he's asking me to go back to his flat for some more "lessons" and I realize I've made a terrible mistake.
  10. Leaving this place is going to suck.
    But then I realize that I'm going back to a huge pool of humans I can hang out with, so actually I'm good.
  11. I can't wait to take another solo vacation.
    It's a totally life-changing experience. You should try it.