I'm obsessed with toast so much that I have an Instagram account dedicated to it: http://Instagram.com/the_daily_toast
  1. Strawberry, mascarpone, balsamic, brown sugar, sea salt, dill.
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    Trust me on the dill.
  2. Hard salami, mustard butter, wasabi arugula, chile flakes.
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    For the mustard butter, just mash equal parts Dijon and room-temp butter together.
  3. Charred broccoli, goat cheese, lime, chile.
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  4. Labneh, fig jam, Aleppo pepper.
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  5. Mashed blackberries, Neufchâtel, thyme.
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  6. Sharp cheddar, gochujang, cilantro.
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    Mix about a cup of sharp cheddar with a heaping tablespoon of gochujang. Broil on toast til melted. Too with cilantro.
  7. Tahini, banana, bee pollen, chia seeds, sea salt.
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    I feel the eye rolls through my phone in reaction to the bee pollen and chia seeds.