An ever-growing list.
  1. Nopa
    I don't think there's a person who lives in San Francisco who doesn't like this place. It's, like, a chill ABC Kitchen, kinda.
  2. La Taqueria
    Their burritos don't have rice in them. And if you order one "dorado style" they'll fry it so its crispy on the outside. I get a carnitas super burrito, but their crispy tacos are pretty dope too.
  3. Spruce
    For when you're feeling sorta fancy, but have no reservations. Sit at the bar. Order the burger and/or the steak tartare. And a martini.
  4. State Bird/The Progress
    Good luck getting reservations. But if you somehow get in, don't hold back: Taste as many of Stuart Brioza's brilliant dishes as you possibly can.
  5. The Mill
    $4 toast etc. etc. BUT ITS ACTUALLY WORTH IT. Especially the cinnamon-sugar toast.
  6. Cotogna
    The egg-yolk ravioli might give you a food boner. It's insanely decadent, so make sure you share. Pro tip: you can order off of Quince's more extensive (and expensive) wine list.
  7. Mandalay
    People love Burma Superstar, but Mandalay is a little cheaper and has a much shorter wait on any given day. Also, the service is outstanding for a restaurant of this caliber. Get the tea leaf salad.
  8. Zuni Cafe
    Go for a fun lunch, order the chicken (duh), the Caesar, and a plate of well-done fries. No idea why, but Zuni always undercooks their fries.
  9. House of Prime Rib
    It's an absurd old-school steakhouse, but they cut off your thick piece of steak right in front of you and it's always very festive. If you bring your own wine, there's only a $10 corkage fee per bottle.
  10. Bar Bacco
    It's got kind of a weird Financial District vibe, but I love their pastas.
  11. Flour + Water
    Speaking of pasta, if you love it like I do, you must check out this Mission staple. Then head across the street to Trick Dog for a great cocktail after.
  12. Bar Tartine
    The porridge bread at Bar Tartine slays me every time, especially with the delicious ever-changing list of vaguely Eastern European dips.