I'm in Barcelona by myself. I don't quite understand this new network yet. Here's what I did.
  1. I weaved through the narrow streets of El Born
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    Etsy ain't got nothin' on Barça.
  2. I stumbled upon medieval ruins in an old marketplace
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    I love accidentally finding really old shit.
  3. I ate un bocadillo de jamón at a random tapas bar
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    Why doesn't ham taste like this in the states? Someone please explain.
  4. I ate another meal at Picnic, one of Barcelona's brunch hotspots
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    Basically I have been eating nonstop but I'm only here for two days so sorry not sorry?
  5. I chilled on the cute AF patio at my airbnb rental
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    The place is cool but you can't put paper in the toilet so there's that.