I used to work at Bon Appétit and have hidden these things I've consumed until now. #dunkiesforever
  1. Ritz cracker salad (pls Google)
  2. Frilly potato chips dipped in mayo
  3. 5 heaping spoonfuls of of Funfetti® cake batter
  4. A carnitas super burrito, consumed in bed whilst watching Scandal
  5. Two large burgers within 3 hours of each other
  6. Baby animals of all kinds
  7. Lipton onion dip w/o chips (w/ finger or spoon)
  8. Dunkin Donuts French-vanilla flavored coffee
  9. Ranch dressing on pizza
  10. Frozen chicken nuggets...while still frozen
  11. Dressed-up boxed macaroni and cheese (I added cayenne pepper and breadcrumbs)
  12. Chili's Zesty Chicken something-or-other
  13. Pickle spear wrapped in a Kraft Single
  14. 7 s'mores (during a bad edibles experience)
  15. 4x the recommended serving of pasta