Not everything in London is terrible. Here's a few.
  1. History
    If you're a fan of all things western history, London has all of it. From medieval castles to Roman walls to WW2, it's all there
  2. Variety
    Being an international city you can find a little bit of everything, from food to drink to shopping. Just don't go to their idea of an "authentic American diner". You'll be confused.
  3. Alleyways
    There's always some new hidden nook or cranny of the city to discover, just keep wandering around, you'll find it.
  4. Pubs and taverns
    The beer might be warm and the food might be bland, but you'll find an authentic British pub on just about every corner
  5. Bridges
    Love bridges? London has them! From the ornate tower bridge to the modern pedestrian bridge there's lots of crossing points over the Thames
  6. Plays
    If you're into theater you can't stumble through covent garden without running into one. Plus, is there a better place to see Shakespeare than the Globe?