Why Ocean City is better than your beach town

They don't call it Americas Greatest Family Resort for nothing
  1. The boardwalk
    Sure, lots of places have boardwalks. OC's is better
  2. Wonderland
    What kid doesn't love Wonderland?
  3. The coffee
    Between OC Coffee co, Locals, 4th St Cafe....so many great coffee choices, so few mornings to drink them
  4. Pizza
    Mack and Manco's is an institution even if they've changed their name. And they aren't even the best game in town - I would vote for 6th St Pizza. Either way, great choices every five yards or so
  5. The water park
    Can't beat a hot day at the OC waterpark
  6. The beaches
    Miles of clean, safe beaches with plenty of sand and sun for everyone, without being stupidly wide like Wildwood
  7. Events
    Bored of the beach? Head up to Main Street for traveling bands, balloon animals, and Wandering Disney characters. Great fireworks for the 4th. Bands and contests every night on the boardwalk. And it's all free!
  8. Candy shops
    Fudge, salt water taffy, and everything else you can think of...made right in front of you on the boardwalk
  9. Circle Liquor
    But it's a dry town you say! I can't have that! Never fear, circle liquor has had your back for dozens of seasons, keeping weary parents and college kids as stocked as can be