Just your typical day hanging with THE basketball superstar
  1. LJ teaches me how to dunk
  2. LJ teaches me how to play chess
    "oh who taught you how to play chess?" -people "King James" -me
  3. We go to Target
  4. Lebron buys me two flat screen tvs at target
  5. We gossip about Kris Humphries
  6. LJ tells me in secret he wishes he played for the Celtics
  7. LJ laughs at all of my jokes
  8. I laugh at all of LJs jokes
  9. I tweet about how funny LJ is
  10. He asks me if he can call me "deens"
    I say yes
  11. We have 3 lunches
  12. We go to a spinning class together
  13. LJ leads the spin class
  14. We buy matching friendship necklaces from Claire's
    I get the "best" side of the heart and he gets the "friends" side.
  15. We watch the Mindy project together
  16. He perfectly formats the citations for my 15 page history research paper
  17. We ride the "T" hand in hand
  18. LJ falls in love with me
  19. I elope with LJ