Please allow me to Listroduce myself, i'm a woman of wealth and taste.

Just Kidding!
  1. I am a City girl turned, turned Country mouse.. I mean woman. The only way I would return to city life is if I was physically dragged there! I LOVE CANADA! Especially when the weather is tolerably warm!
  2. I have a Son that just graduated HS & moved away. He always thinks he's the black sheep. (nothing to do with being half Jamaican) I miss him like crazy when he's gone & we drive each other bonkers when we're together. This being a mom thing is getting too intense.
  3. At least I still have one more Son at home for awhile. He's a very good kid. (silent shit disturber) I try to parent him, but I more so just make him my best friend and travel companion, and he tries to get away from me. Oh well, he's "daddy's boy" anyway.
  4. Hobbies/Likes - include thinking about new ways to be creative/crafty, then starting something & then usually getting bored. "Window shopping" online, barbecuing/Smoking large hunks of meat, beer, planning ways to spend money that I don't have & travelling. I'm also trying to teach myself the art of reading tarot cards.
  5. Phobias- On a serious note, I live with a crippling Social Phobia, especially toward the opposite sex. It takes a certain kind of person for me to feel truly comfortable around. Once I feel okay around this kind, lighthearted & trustworthy person, then I'm most likely going to get a little annoying!
  6. Personality- I was a sad & lonely person until I went back to working outside the home. I like my job & my workmates. I tend to second guess myself but I don't like taking things too seriously. I'm now in this weird phase where I like learning new things. Probably won't last. I'm obsessed with food & the magic of Disney (hang head in shame).
  7. Pet peeves- when someone answers me by saying, "Right?" All I can think is, yeah, right, that's why I said it. Talking about how ugly a person or their clothing (or whatever) to me. That's awkward & you're an asshole. Also mean drivers & the expression "pet peeves".
  8. That's quite enough for today, thanks for reading Eh!