My name is Patrick, I am 42 I appear to be a standard suburban Dad
  1. Things that might surprise you about me
  2. I'm an ordained minister via The Church of Universal Life in Modesto CA
  3. I know almost every word to "Doggystyle" by Snoop. Even 20 years later
  4. I was one of 2 people I know that bought NWA's first album in a record store on cassette. I had read a review of it in the NYT and bought it the next day, I was 14.
  5. I love comic books and don't get to read them enough
  6. I love dogs and have always had one. Here is our current dog, Mookie. He possesses infinite patience, and loves tennis balls.
  7. The one thing I do in my free time that makes me the happiest is watching my 5th grade daughter play lacrosse.
  8. My wife and I go to see Pearl Jam every chance we get
  9. I have 4 tattoos
  10. I vote for Democrats because there isn't a more progressive alternative
  11. I met my wife when I was 28. I thought she was really cute, and we were working at a bar together. I made a decision to "just be myself" and it turned out she fell in love with me and it somehow all worked out. We have an awesome time together.
  12. When I don't have to travel for work, I make breakfast for my family every morning. It always includes fresh fruit. The kids don't realize it's because I love them, and that's fine.
  13. My favorite show to watch with my kids is Gravity Falls.
  14. I can deadlift 500 pounds, which is fine, but not quite it used to be.