The word "resolution" sets you up for failure. With "goals," it's okay if you don't reach them all. Striving to improve, not to be perfect.
  1. Declutter
    Less is more. I use/wear things often simply because I have them and feel like I have to. No one needs that. Keep only that which you need/makes you happy. This applies to electronics, clothes, books etc. If you don't want to toss something for sentimental reasons, take a picture of it. The memories are what matter, not the physical object.
  2. Focus on the task at hand.
    Multiple studies show that humans are less happy when their minds wander, even when wandering to pleasant thoughts. Focusing on what you're doing results in improved performance and higher levels of contentment. I'm down.
  3. Listen to myself more
    Too often I find myself doing things I feel like I "should," whatever that means. Screw that. A little spontaneity never hurt anyone.
  4. Laugh more.
    Simple enough, but always a great idea.
  5. Call family more.
    I never regret it, and it makes their day. I find myself leaning on them when I need them, so how is it fair to ignore them when things are going well?