1. Cab driver arrived 15 minutes early, with full Jamaican accent on display, and angrily told me to come outside from my dorm
  2. Ran halfway down a flight of steps before realizing I forgot my purse and keys. Went back and only found the purse, continued on anyway
  3. Silent cab ride
  4. Walked in the Columbus bus station to 3 children giggling on the floor
  5. Went over to get a water bottle and almost dropped everything out of my purse on the counter
  6. Waited in line to get on the bus. The woman directly in front of me sat down on the floor got on Facebook and without missing a beat pulled out a cup of ice cream and spoon
  7. Was yelled at by bus driver for not having my license ready
  8. Got a window seat, feeling of accomplishment
  9. Tall slender, greying black man sits next to me almost immediately
  10. Couldn't open the bathroom door and almost fell atop a 500lb sleeping man because it was so bumpy
  11. Returned to my seat to have the man sitting next to me offer me Oregano oil which "the man" wants to keep away from us
  12. He speaks so softly I have to be disorienting-ly close to his face to hear him
  13. Want to look up oregano oil later
  14. Promises to show me his oregano oil when we get off the bus
  15. Man successfully opens bathroom door. I follow suit.
  16. Man next to me attempts to talk to me about oregano oil again. I look out the window.
  17. Feeling of glee as home becomes closer and closer
  18. Grow uncomfortable with my neighbors thigh against mine the whole ride
  19. Get off bus