I'm 100% sure that there is an audience for my memoir. I just need to find them.
  1. Twinkies & Bananas: My Ethnic Identity Crisis
  2. MSU's Erin Brockavich
  3. Black Friday, Every Day: A shopaholic's tale of working retail
  4. Got gas?
  5. Baby In The Corner
  6. 14 Going On 40
  7. The Funniest People I Know. Spoiler Alert: I'm one of them
  8. If there is a boy amongst men, I'll find him
  9. Crazy Cat Lady Tendencies
  10. Mean Girls Club: #msm & other people I (the Queen B) can't live without
  11. Mountain Madness
  12. Lingo Lowdown & Code Names: Prerequisites for prolonged communication with me
  13. dance delia dance
  14. My Faux Social Life: A listing of celebrities I don't know, but I'm sure I should be BFFs with
  15. Permanent Status: Work in Progress
  16. Funeral Playlist