1. Matching my socks
  2. What number my volume is on in my car
    Okay I couldn't even pretend to give a shit about this because that's not even an option in my car but some people are hella concerned about whether their volume is at an even or odd number and all I can do is nod and smile as I slowly back away from the dial
  3. Monograming everything I own
    What is this sudden obsession with having to put your initials on everything? It's like dogs having to pee on everything so they establish dominance
  4. Seeing pictures of your dogs
    Other things that fall under this category include: pictures of your boyfriend, food, and or vacation. Basically if it's everything I don't have, keep it to ya self
  5. Making sure my ear bud is in the correct ear
    I know...I know.. I'm a sicko
  6. Adele
    Fight me
  7. How your son/daughters sports team is doing
    Seriously I'm nodding, I'm smiling, I'm scrunching my eyebrows in a listening formation...I'm not absorbing a single word
  8. Making sure my bags are Michael Kors/any designer
    Don't get me wrong I rock my cute and simple maroon MK bag but I kind of feel like the only thing worse than having your initials all over something you own is having some other persons