This is about to get wild.
  1. Looking up pictures of jean jackets on google images for 40 minutes straight
    It was a guy
  2. Debate the amount of money it would take for them to have sex with the professor.
  3. Wear a unicorn onesie
  4. People in front of me discussing a movie I hadn't seen yet but wanted to see but I couldn't tell them to stop spoiling it because I would seem like an insane person since they don't know me.
    So I decided to do the less insane thing and plug my ears and start screaming, naturally.
  5. Someone asking the professor what day Christmas falls on this year.
  6. A girl creeping on Instagram and liking a picture by accident from 42 weeks back and yelling "FUCK" mid-lecture.
  7. Me staring at people all lecture waiting for them to do something weird so I can months later put it into a list.