1. No pressure
    For a lot of other social media apps (Twitter/Insta) there's some pressure felt, for me at least, to make sure what I post is up to the standards of those following me (Ex: I don't want to tweet that I just ate a sandwich and I don't want to insta a pic of my sandwich because I feel no one would care for it). Here however I feel a lot more comfortable making a post about my favourite Bob Dylan songs and knowing that this is what the forum is for.
  2. Feels a lot more personal
    A lot easier to interact with people who I'm big fans of *Cough* @john please acknowledge me *Cough*
  3. List users are all so kind.
    Every post doesn't turn into a Donald Trump argument *Cough* Twitter *Cough*
  4. My family doesn't follow me on here
    At least I hope not