Fun Things About Working With Toddlers

  1. When they're trying to pick up a ball but every time they take a step towards it they accidentally kick it forward a little bit
  2. Whenever you sit down anywhere, one of them is gonna come try and scoot their little butt into your lap and it's so damn cute
  3. Boogers don't gross me out anymore
  4. I get paid for the three hours that they nap when I just knit/do schoolwork/eat leftovers from lunch/hang out on Twitter
  5. The other day I came home with like eleven paper snowflakes they made for me
  6. They think it's hysterical when you hold them and do squats
    Bonus because when I do this enough then I don't have to go to the gym
  7. I always have silly stories to tell at parties
  8. I leave at 6pm and by 7:30 I miss them