1. 1. She stabbed herself in the eye with a spoon, all by herself!
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  2. 2. She took another baby's sock off his foot and stuck it in her mouth, all by herself! (The eating of the sock admittedly is less impressive than the successful stealing of it - not that I condone theft).
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  3. 3. She will put rocks, socks, dirt and everything in between in her mouth and keep a poker face but every time I give her actual food, even kid friendly foods like banana or pear, she knows to make this face every damn time.
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  4. 4. She's already potty trained...sort of. Every time I put her in the exersaucer she poops.
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  5. 5. She was born into a family of Mets fans in the first year in decades that that is actually a good thing.
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